“Highest Honor” Reaches the Halfway Point!

Andy Yoder making sheets of paper, numbers 1 to 476.

Andy Yoder making sheets of paper, numbers 1 to 476.

When we last visited artist Andy Yoder for the “Highest Honor” project he’s spearheading, papermaking had just begun. Now in a new studio space and with help from a number of volunteer participants, the papermaking has reached the halfway point!

A little background about the project: inspired by the Army-Navy “E” Award given to the Torpedo Naval Station staff during World War II, Yoder is creating a three-story banner to hang in the Torpedo Factory this summer. To do so, he started with military scrubs, which he’s turning into paper to make the banner. You can read more about it in our original blog post.

Here’s “Highest Honor” by the numbers:


squares of paper so far


squares needed to complete the banner


red and blue scrubs used to create the paper


volunteer participants … and counting

Want to join in the fun? Anybody is welcome to visit Studio 326 (the project’s new location for June) during Yoder’s daily studio hours, which are posted on the project page.

As a newcomer to papermaking himself, Yoder says participants are helping him learn the whys of the process, and it’s easy for beginners to pick up. (And if red’s not your color, he’s switching to blue paper after today.)

Andy Yoder at work

Andy Yoder at work in studio 326


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