Exhibit Preview: “Drone Zone,” Coming March 7

What’s artist Beverly Ryan doing with that plasma cutter? And what, exactly, is this inflatable creation below?

They’re both artworks under construction for Ryan’s upcoming exhibit at The Art League, “Drone Zone.” The artist is posting works in progress and other goodies on her Instagram @bev_ryan — like this painting that’s not quite finished:

OIl painting in progress by Beverly Ryan for her exhibit “Drone Zone” at The Art League

Drones first started appearing in Ryan’s work a few years ago, and you may remember her Drone Free Zone installation from “Not a Box”:

Drone Free Zone by Beverly Ryan

The subject is as ripe for exploration as ever, with drones in use today for surveillance, warfare, delivery, photography, and more. Ryan’s recent work asks viewers to pause and reflect on what this could mean for themselves and others.

Mixed media paintings, metal and fiber sculptures, and even silk-screened T-shirts will be a part of this exhibit. For the artist, it’s an intuitive process:

“My work is about discovery. I begin with a small germ of an idea and it evolves as I progress. I figure out where I am going as I paint. I have learned to trust the process. Creating a new installation of paintings, drawings, and sculpture appeals to me and motivates me to move into new territory.”

Ryan likes working large and making “big moves” in her artwork. We’re excited to see what she does with a whole room in our gallery! Keep an eye on Instagram to follow the artist as she works.

“Drone Zone” is on view March 7–31, 2018. Opening reception: Thursday, March 8, 6:30–8:00 pm.

Another “Drone Zone” painting by Beverly Ryan

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