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Patrons’ Show 2019: Awards Winners

The following awards were decided by judge Scrip Barnhart and by the patrons who made the first selections on Sunday. Read more →

Patrons’ Show Through the Years

Take a stroll with us down memory lane as we remember back to the by-gone days of Patrons' Show! Read more →

Patrons’ Show Primer: Your Guide to Conquering Patrons’ Show Creatively

The Patrons' Show Fundraiser is a lot of fun. It also takes a little work.So if you're attending for the very first time on Sunday, we want to help you prepare! Here are our tips for first-time patrons. Read more →

Stealing the Show: The Art Thief App Simplifies Patrons’ Show

My hope is that if you’re coming this year, you’ll be using Art Thief of the Patrons’ Show, the app designed and built just for this event. If you’re not sure about going to the Patrons’ Show, stop that nonsense — you need to buy a ticket now. Read more →

Art Collecting 101: Buying Art for Beginners

Collecting fine art, made lovingly by an artist instead of mass generated by a computer, can be more about the journey than the destination. Don't know where to start? Here's how get started with your own art collection. Read more →

Artists: Over $21,150 in Awards for Patrons’ Show Donations

Artists: Our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up, and we need your help! Read on for details on why, and how, to donate to the 51st Anniversary Patrons' Show Fundraiser. Read more →