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Abstract Acrylic: Collage Me Supply List

Abstract Acrylic: Collage Me with Marsha Staiger

Creating with collage and acrylic paint. Explore the elements and principles using hand made collage. It is a wonderful jumping off place for thinking of balance.

  1. Acrylic Paint:

Fluid Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta, Primary Cyan

Heavy body tube: Ultramarine Blue, Ochre, and something shiny or iridescent (your choice)

Golden High Flow Acrylic Markers Set

  1. Fabric scraps
  2. Ruler
  3. Frog tape 1 inch
  4. Palette knife small and 5 sided larger
  5. Rice paper 2 12” x 12” approximately
  6. Carandache crayons 8 colors your choice
  7. Graphite 6B
  8. Eraser
  9. Gray palette paper
  10. Xacto knife
  11. scissors
  12. Plastic pieces 8.5 x 11 or plastic sleeves approximately 6 for skins
  13. 3 Cradled board 12” x 12” or larger
  14. 3 gallery wrapped canvas
  15. 3 22” x 30” Strathmore Aquarius II and

Board to hold it

  1. Strathmore 200 Series Sketch Pad, 5’ x 8.5″, 100Sheets, White or something similar
  2. Black Gesso, small container and
  3. White gesso medium container
  4. Gelli plate any size works
  5. Brayer, small
  6. Soft gel
  7. Matte medium
  8. Acrylic glazing medium
  9. Card board 2 12 x 12 used boxes are good, looking for a nice corrugation for rubbing
  10. Stencils you have or have made (numbers, letters are good, variety or  sizes interesting)
  11. Variety of brushes and a
  12. paint mover 1.5 -2 inch is good
  13. Magazine Collage 3 pages: put black gesso on the side that you think you will not use and after that is dry put a layer of mat on the side you like best. For storing you can put in plastic sleeves. It is easier if you cut the longer side of plastic sleeve for ease of removing.