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Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word Supply Kit

This optional supply kit has the particular supplies needed for Julie Booth’s The Stitched Word class. You can purchase it here for “grab & go” pick up at our school store, we will contact you with more information. If you need your kit shipped to you please indicate that in the notes section of your order. We will contact you about paying the shipping cost.

Optional Kit includes the underlined items.

  1. 1/2 yard of white cotton fabric 
  2. (1) 12″ X 18″ piece of wool blend felt for stabilizer 
  3. 4″ square of tracing carbon
  4. Freezer paper 
  5. Parchment paper 
  6. 9″ square Mistyfuse 
  7. Needles: Size #3 and #5 Crewel embroidery, size #5 appliqué sharp, size #22 Chenille
  8. Small selection of origami papers 
  9. Loose batting 
  10. Heavy yarn
  11.  (2) 6″ squares of 100% wool felt



The following supplies are not included in the supply kit, but will be used for the class:

General Supplies

  1. Sketchbook, notebook or journal to sketch ideas and write. I will be providing journal exercises (some will be pre-class preparation)
  2. Pens, pencils (these can include different colors) to write or draw in your sketchbook/journal.
  3. Fabric markers or pencils: Washable or disappearing for light and dark color fabrics. Frixion pens will also work (marks removed with an iron)
  4. Fabric scissors or Rotary Cutter
  5. Small sharp embroidery scissors
  6. Pins ( I use glass head ones)
  7. Strongly recommended: Self-healing cutting mat
  8. Clear plastic gridded ruler
  9. 6” square card stock template with a centered 4” square window cut out (you create)
  10. Tracing paper
  11. Strongly recommended: Graph paper
  12. Optional: Tracing carbon paper (I will demo how to use)
  13. Lightbox (many “lightpad” varieties under $20 on Amazon) or access to a backlit window for tracing
  14. Needles: Suggest the following: #3 and #5 Crewel embroidery needles, #5 appliqué sharp, #22 Chenille needle (this last one is optional). You will probably want a number of the Crewel needles.
  15. 1/4-to ½ yd of white or light solid color cotton or linen fabric
  16. Additional fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, wool) in colors that reflect memory assignments- see class sessions below.
  17. Stabilizing backing fabric in light or dark color depending on the color of your fabric: Suggest one of the following: Wool felt, wool blend felt, craft felt, wool fabric, soft flannel.
  18. Threads: Embroidery floss, Pearl cotton (suggest sizes 8 and 12). Optional: silk, silk ribbon, wool, metallic. Your color choices.
  19. Optional: Task light


Specific Supplies for Class Sessions

Session #1: Color Inspired Memory Sampler

Line Stitches

  1. Anything colorful that inspires a memory for journaling. For example: color papers (e.g. origami), fabrics, fibers, photos.
  2. Small amount of sock yarn weight wool for couching technique

Session #2: Family Saying

Using multiple stitches to form more ornate letters/filler stitches/ negative space letters

  1. Choice of background fabric (can be a color vs. white)


Session #3: Memory Fabric Collage:

Appliqué and Reverse Appliqué Techniques for larger letters

  1. Color fabrics or fabric scraps for creating word appliqués and arranging into a fabric collage
  2. Optional but recommended: Sheer fabrics including tulle, dyed or painted cheesecloth
  3. Optional but recommended: Silk sari ribbon
  4. Optional: Mistyfuse or similar fusible (I will be showing a technique using this product)
  5. Piece of parchment paper
  6. #2 graphite pencil
  7. Glue stick


Session #4: Dimensional Letters: Trapunto, Cording, Wool Felt

  1. Color fabrics or fabric scraps that reflect your chosen memory/memory word(s)
  2. Small amount (a couple of handfuls) of loose batting
  3. Thick yarn for cording
  4. 6” square of thick felt (100% wool is good but can use other types) for cut out letters
  5. Piece of freezer paper


Session #4 Cont.: Personal Memory Project Using Recycled/Upcycled Textile

We will discuss in class session #3, but this is the opportunity for you to use a recycled/upcycled textile or piece of clothing to express a memory using stitched and/or appliquéd words.