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Watercolor From Start to Finish (Online)


Discover classic watercolor techniques and progress from simple to more complex. Topics include value, control of the medium, color mixing, and composition. Instructors demonstrate techniques and students apply what they learn to their paintings. Experienced students pursue assignments to improve color handling, composition, and specific painting challenges.

*This class is taught via the Zoom digital platform.

For more information, contact The Art League School at 703-683-2323.

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Class Supplies

Watercolor From Start to Finish Kit

For new students, I suggest that you buy a few things of high quality and add as you gain experience.

Underlined items are included in the supply kit available through the website.

If you are an experienced painter, please bring the things you usually use.

Paints: Buy only artist grade paints. I recommend Winsor & Newton professional watercolor paint tubes. I also like Daniel Smith.

Asterisks denote starter colors. You may not have heard of some of the colors, they are my favorites and are not essential. If you are a beginner, start with the colors with *. Please don’t keep buying cheap student-grade paints. Good watercolors are expensive, but you are worth it. Try out 5ml tubes rather than 14ml ones. If you like the colors, switch to the larger tubes later.

Yellows: Winsor Lemon*, Cadmium Yellow Pale*, Quinacridone Gold*, Yellow Ochre (Daniel Smith)

Reds: Cadmium Red*, Permanent Rose*, Permanent Alizarin Crimson*, Helios Purple (Sennelier) or any Permanent Magenta

Blues: French Ultramarine Blue*, Cobalt Blue*, Winsor (or Phthalo) Blue, Red Shade*, Cobalt Turquoise Light (Winsor & Newton) or Cerulean Blue

Browns: Burnt Sienna* (Daniel Smith)

Darks: Moonglow (Daniel Smith)

Whites: Artist’s Gouache Titanium/Permanent White*

Palette: a large plastic palette with a lid. My favorite is *Mijello Fusion Air-Tight Watercolor Palette. I have the small size with 18 wells..

Paper: Artist quality 100% cotton rag paper, Arches 140lb cold press pads (9” x 12”).


Brushes: *Winsor & Newton sable round brushes (medium and small, such as 8, and 6), a flat brush (Winsor & Newton series 995 1” or ¾”). I also use Cotman 222 Designer/rigger brush #2 for masking and making grass brushstrokes; another brush I find invaluable is a small oil painter’s bright (short haired flat) brush for lifting (Sorrento bright brush).



No 2 pencil or watercolor pencils*

Kneaded Eraser*

Paper towels (Viva)*

Small spray bottle*

Masking fluid (frisket)*

Dip pen nib and pen holder* (my favorite is Brause 361 Steno Blue Pumkin nib)

Black India ink*

Color wheel*

Hair dryer*


A kit of supplies is available for purchase online through The Art League’s website, and can be shipped for a fee, or picked up curbside.

The kit includes the underlined items.

Cost is $ 46.62 plus sales tax of $14.80 for a Total = $ 261.42

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to purchase a selection of items different than the kit.

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