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All-Media Exhibit - Sept 2009

September 2009

All-Media Membership Show
September 9 – October 5, 2009


Award(s):  The Shayna Heisman Simkin Award, and Honorable Mention Awards.

Show Info: Opening Reception, Thursday, September 10, 6:30–8:00 pm, in the gallery.  Awards presented at 7:00 pm.

689 entered, 149 accepted

Juror's Statement:

with Erica Fortwengler

Berthold Schmutzhart’s fifty plus years of experience as a Drawing and Sculpture professor have given him the well-trained eye and mind to acutely evaluate and analyze a work of art.  In Barbara Steinacker’s “Stream-Lined,” Schmutzhart quickly observed, “The artist made a conscious decision to do away with reality in the foreground and to draw our attention to the middle of the painting with detail and strong complementary colors.  This is an artist who is thinking.”


It is important for all of the technical elements to come together. “If an artist has drawn the figure, for example, I want to see that the proportions are correct, that the correct number of human heads fill the length of the body.”  Schmutzhart wants to see a clear focus point, an understanding of color, a command of the medium, and an understanding of line and proportion.  Schmutzhart mentioned Rana Geralis’ “Walking Foal,” which received an Honorable Mention. “It’s clear that this artist loves and knows horses.  The anatomy here is perfect.  The bones in the back and shoulders, the way the shadows fall… it’s just perfect.  And it’s simplified in a way that it looks as if the horse is just walking of the page.”  Choice of subject matter is not important to Schmutzhart, for him, it is the command of subject matter. 


“I am humbled when I think of the hours of work that have gone into creating the pieces that are here today.  All of the artists should be respected for their efforts.” There is always an abundance of good work, and narrowing down the show is an extremely difficult task for Schmutzhart.  “I wish space weren’t an issue.  There are several strong shows within the work submitted.  I have to become nitpicky to narrow the show down.” 


As a sculptor, Schmutzhart was pleased to see that the number and quality of three-dimensional submissions had increased since the last time he juried at The Art League.  “It is so good to see more sculpture.  Perhaps this is a result of a class that’s being taught here.  Sculpture is difficult to create, it’s physically demanding.  It’s encouraging to finally see more (sculpture) represented.” 


Schmutzhart declared the pieces he selected as award winners, “perfect – they shine more than everything else.”  Raka Bose Saha’s “Cloud Shadows” received the best in show award.  “This piece has a wonderful sense of depth and space.  The color is just right – it is how it is.  The clouds are fluffy – this artist has mastered how to paint air. The complementary colors are perfect. This couldn’t be any better.” 


Schmutzhart has been a Professor Emeritus of the Corcoran School of Art since 1994.  With over fifty years of teaching experience as a Drawing and Sculpture professor and as a well-known religious artist, Schmutzhart brings his talent as a professor and artist to The Art League.  A ceramist, sculptor, and art historian alumnus of the Academy for Applied Art in Vienna, Austria, Schmutzhart has exhibited in over eighty local and international exhibitions.


Sample Work:



To view all of the images from the show, please click here.



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