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Landscape – June 2019

Landscape Exhibit 

Exhibit dates: June 4, 2019 - July 7, 2019

Opening Reception: June 13, 6:30-8:00pm 

Pick-Up: Sunday, July 7th from 1-5pm and Monday, July 8th, from 10-12 noon *or within 1 week after the show ends

Juried by: Peter Trippi  

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Gaia's Hegemony by Justin Worrell- winner of The Art League Best in Show



Juror’s dialogue with Haven Ashley


viewed through a window, from the summit, reflected in a pool, or beneath the canopy.

Sun-stained lily pads, violet sand dunes, steam-chugging factories, bleached beach grass. Visions of nature that are a prelude/epilogue/eulogy to a landscape that is here; living; gone.

Our theme this month was “landscape,” and each artist's interpretation is a map of their own personal topography, from the scrutiny of photorealism to the freedom of abstraction. As a viewer, we are transported. One can imagine the sear of the sun, the scent of smoke, the heat.

The exhibit was juried by Peter Trippi, editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur and president of the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art. He described the exhibit as pensive and a bit melancholy—that perhaps the artists were considering the idea of nature under threat.  

Trippi remarked that overall, the submissions leaned toward realism, with many expressing “conventional beauty—with a capital B.” As an editor, Trippi is an expert at assessing the “graphic strength” of an image, and he was looking for pieces with an edge, be that a unique vantage point, compelling brushwork, or unexpected color. Because our jury process is conducted digitally, he advised our artists to invest in professional photographs of their artwork, commenting that “a terrible photo is a disadvantage.”

Trippi noticed one recurring landmark among the submissions: Great Falls of the Potomac, a local haunt famous for its dramatic, metamorphic rock formations and churning rapids. It appears throughout the exhibit in watercolor, acrylic, and photography. Great Falls evokes the idea of the sublime—the sacredness, violence, and majesty of nature—a philosophy that bewitched painters of the Romantic era (1800-1850), and appears to still captivate the minds of artists today.


One painting distinguished itself among 103 peers: “Gaia's Hegemony” by Justin Worrell, winner of the Art League Best in Show award. With feathery branches and hazy tones of marigold, olive, and lavender, “Gaia's Hegemony” is a landscape viewed through a balm. Beguiling as a dream, Worrell’s painting is effortlessly spiritual in its depiction of a misty pasture. Trippi commented that the painting is a “terrific example of Tonalism, with perfectly balanced color blocks—and that stripe of orange on the water is outstanding.” Trippi refers to the horizon line, where a fiery slice of orange paint demonstrates the transformative power of landscape; that with a single stroke an artist can separate, and then unite, heaven and earth.





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