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SOHO Photography Exhibit

SOHO Old Town Photography Exhibit
January 24-February 2, 2015

Each of the 12 girls in the 2014-2015 SOHO Old Town (a Space of Her Own)
 class was given a film camera and the opportunity to create a series of narrative-based photographs. Armed with their cameras, a room full of costumes and props, and a lesson on dramatic lighting, the girls spent over an hour photographing themselves and their peers acting out a number of story lines concerning their futures and goals, and how they will achieve those goals. After the photographs were taken, the girls had the opportunity to develop a selection of their images in the dark room with Art League instructor Alison Duvall. See their photographs on display in The Art League Gallery.

SOHO Old Town (a Space of Her Own) is an award-winning outreach program that engages at-risk, low-income, 5th-grade girls in a year of personal growth centered on art. This special collaboration between The Art League & the City of Alexandria’s Court Service Unit pairs each girl with an adult, female mentor to participate in art lessons led by Art League artist instructors. Each week, girls & mentors work together to create expressive artwork. These sessions become the catalyst to discuss larger life concerns, decision-making, & emotional issues. At the completion of the program, the teams remodel each of the girls’ bedrooms, incorporating all of their artwork, to truly give each girl a “space of her own.”



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