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Art Almanac


October 1 - 31, 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

The leaves are changing, fall is in the air, and the forecast calls for creativity!


The Art League is excited to bring you our first ever 31 Day Art Challenge, Art Almanac! 🍂 In the style of Inktober, we’re calling on our artists (and anyone else who’d like to play along) to create works of art daily this month based on guided prompts. All mediums are welcome, and ultimately this list is just for fun and inspiration! Even if you can’t commit to all 31 days, our hope is to get your creative juices flowing as we move into the colder months 

If you participate, be sure to share your artwork with the tag #ArtAlmanac2021 and we’ll post a weekly round up of our favorites! You can also email your Art Almanac creations to gallery@theartleague.org. 

Art Almanac 2021

  1. Magic 
  2. Sweet Tooth 
  3. Luster 
  4. Back to School 
  5. Grace
  6. Snackfood 
  7. Three Wishes 
  8. Family Recipe 
  9. Saturday Morning 
  10. Underneath
  11. Ancient Artifact
  12. Campfire 
  13. Science-Fiction
  14. Vacation Memories   
  15. In the Attic 
  16. Ghost
  17. Autumn Foliage
  18. Reflections
  19. Sour
  20. Passerby
  21. Self-portrait
  22. Currently Reading 
  23. Incoming Storm
  24. Moonstone  
  25. Wanderlust
  26. Creepy Sheep 
  27. Too Many Pumpkins  
  28. Soft 
  29. Scarecrow 
  30. Critter
  31. Spooky 

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