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Mary Beth Gaiarin

“I am an oil painter, and while I specialize in still life, I happily paint whatever subject captures my attention on an artistic level. When creating a composition, I maintain a tight intimate focus on the subject and I strive for a balance of serenity and calm, but often with a surprise of intense color. My paintings can be contemplative and quiet or playful and spontaneous. I want saturated, juicy color to dance out of the shadows. I paint with simple, meaningful strokes and I use texture and the weight of the paint to create movement and expression. I explore the juxtaposition among objects in traditionally arranged still lifes, but am also drawn to the architectural structure that comes from single subjects such as a vase of flowers or strawberries in a humble cardboard box. I am a restless artist. I feel that I can always learn, push harder, be bolder; it’s that chase that keeps me coming to my studio every day. Lately I am working towards more knife work, lots of paint, and an ever more impressionistic approach.

I am a juried member, and Vice President,  of the Torpedo Factory Artist Association, Alexandria, Virginia. I work out of Studio 322 in the Torpedo Factory, which I share with artists Ann Barbieri and Ellen Delaney. I am a member of The Art League, Alexandria, VA.”

Photograph of Mary Beth Gaiarin
Mery Beth Gaiarin, Painting Instructor
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Mary Beth Gaiarin
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