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Nan Lopata

  • B. Music with honors Boston University, Boston, MA
  • M A New England Conservatoryof Music, Boston MA
  • BFA with honors East Carolina University,Greenville, NC concentration in metals and art history

Nan Lopata received degrees from Boston University and New England Conservatory. She performed with orchestras in the U.S. and Europe and for 22 years was a member of the United States Marine Band, where she was a featured soloist and often performed at the White House. Nan retired from the military in 2010. A love of making things by hand predated even her love of music and Nan decided to reinvent her life and pursue her passion for metalwork, obtaining her degree from East Carolina University.

Artist Statement:

“I listen to the stories we tell each other and those we tell ourselves. A flash of light, a glimpse into a strangers’ window, clues to who we are. I’m fascinated by rusty things, the mark of the hand joined with the machine, and how our past shapes our future. My jewelry is my story, whispers from our past and talisman and the amulet. Jewelry can have power in the imagination of the viewer.”

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Nan Lopata
Nan Lopata
Nan Lopata
Nan Lopata
Nan Lopata
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