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About Solo Exhibits

The Art League seeks artists who have a strong, cohesive, and exciting body of work expressing an aesthetic concept for our prestigious solo artist exhibitions. Our aim, whether we exhibit experimental or traditional works, is to adhere to the highest standards of quality. While we seek beautifully executed work, we also value work that is innovative, artwork that presents the artist’s unique voice, and engages the viewer intellectually, emotionally, as well as visually.

Artist Qualifications

  • Artist must be a current exhibiting artist member of The Art League.
  • Artist cannot have had a solo exhibit at The Art League within the last five years.
  • If an artist is selected for a 2023 solo show, no more than 20% of the works displayed in the final exhibit can have been shown within 50 miles of The Art League gallery.

Become an exhibiting artist member

Exhibiting Artist Membership at The Art League gallery is open to all artists who wish to participage in Art League exhibits.

2023 Application Process

Applications are reviewed two years ahead of time. Jurying for 2023 solo exhibits will take place in the fall of 2021.

There are three steps to jurying this year. Due to COVID-19 we are trying to limit the number of in person interactions our staff and jurors take part in. As a result, we are modifying the process of jurying, by adding an initial online jurying phase. The panel of judges will select twenty five applications from all that are submitted to move on to the in-person phase of jurying. All applicants will get juror feedback during the first stage of jurying.

1. Applicants must first submit images of five works, a proposal, artist statement, and artist résumé online.

2. Jurors will look at all of the applications online and select twenty five applicants to move on to in-person jurying. All applicants will get juror feedback during the initial phase of jurying.

3. The twenty five applicants selected for in-person jurying will drop off their work by October 16th, 2021, at 3:30 pm. Gallery staff will take notes on the discussion and the finalists will receive letters with the juror’s feedback, regardless of whether or not they are accepted for an exhibit 

Solo Room Floorplan PDF

Ready to apply? Click Here! 

September 26

Deadline for proposal packets

Images of five artworks, a proposal, an artist statement, and an artist resumé must be submitted online via Submittable.

September 26
October 10

Artist Notifications for

In-Person Jurying

Twenty five artists will be selected for in-person jurying. Notifications will be sent out via Submittable approximately two weeks after submissions have been received.

October 10
October 15 & 16

Artwork Drop Off

Artists selected for In-Person Jurying must drop off their artworks by 3:30 PM on October 16th. Please note that the artists must bring in the same five artworks that were submitted in the application.

October 15 & 16
October 17

Jury deliberation

The Art League Gallery will be closed while a panel of jurors discusses the final twenty five applications and bodies of work, and decides which artists will be accepted for 2023 solo exhibits.

October 17
October 20

Art pick-up

Artists MUST pick up their work between noon-4 pm on  the dates specified, and will receive the juror’s decision at that time. Results will not be given over the phone.

October 20

Interested in applying?

Solo Jurying Information Sessions will explain the application, submission, jurying, and exhibition processes for a solo show at The Art League gallery. You may set up a brief one-on-one meeting by emailing (Subject to staff availability.)