Fast Track To Jewelry: Wax Model Casting And Multiples

Gretchen Raber (click to zoom)
Winter 2019
Days: Thursday
Hours: 10:00am-3:00pm
Number of Sessions:
Tuition: $270.00
Instructor: Raber, Gretchen
Start Date: 02-21-2019
Registration Begins: 08-06-2018
This class is for the beginning jewelry student who wants a fast and economical way to create jewelry. It is also for the experienced student and jewelry maker who wants to produce work to market at a competitive price. Wax modeling partners perfectly with basic metal jewelry classes and is particularly useful to the beginner in ring making. The ability to produce duplicates with molds reduces production time and makes components a breeze. Creating in hard and soft waxes allows students to use simple home tools and machines to transform the wax. Beginners learn layout, measuring, carving, faux granulation, precious stone and wood inlay, stone setting, lathe and mill working, and much more. Instruction in finishing the metal art is covered. The course skill sets translate into mastery in metalwork. Basic jewelry tool kits may be rented or purchased for home use for the duration of any jewelry class.  
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