Instructor: Yvette Jacobs

BFA, Parsons School of Design

Corcoran School of Art


I’ve been passionate about art since I was a child. I was lucky enough to be raised in a family that was creative and artistic, where art was talked about and valued. I graduated college from Parsons School of Design where I focused on printmaking, painting and broadcast design.  I then went on to work as an animator, designer and creative director in the video and broadcast industry for national and international clients. Since graduating from college I have sought out ways to keep myself creatively fulfilled outside of my office. The road back to making non-computerized art and stepping away from the computer as the predominate tool in which I make art has been inspired by a desire to fall back in love with the joy of ‘creating’ for no client but myself, to get dirty, experiment and explore my personal vocabulary and develop a new methodology of self expression through making functional and sculptural art through clay.


My artistic practice is to strive for increasing levels of competency and versatility with my materials so I can fully express my vision without being hindered by the mechanics of the execution. Once the mechanics are out of the way – there lies the dragon – the blank canvas, the home of possibilities to express and communicate with the world around me.

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