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Calligraphy: Virtual Foundational Hand Supply Kit

This kit of supplies is available for purchase here, and can be shipped for a fee, or picked up curbside. The kit includes the underlined items.

Please indicate in the notes section of your order if you would like to schedule curbside pick-up, or if you need your kit mailed to you.

Please contact us at if you would like to purchase a selection of items different than the kit.

Calligraphy: Virtual Foundational Hand, Hermineh Miller

1 Set of Parallel Pens, 4 or 6 pen set

1 bottle of Higgins Eternal Black Ink

1 roll of tape, blue painters (1 inch), or Scotch Magic Tape, 3M “Magic Tape” 3/4 inch wide

1 T-Square, minimum 18 inches (metal is best)

1 metal or plastic 90 degree triangle, minimum 12 inches on long side

2 pencils, 3-H (level of hardness)

1 small pencil sharpener

1 ruler, 18 inch minimum length, cork backed and/or non-skid is very helpful

1 x-acto knife with #11 blade or 9mm snap-off blade cutter. I prefer snap off

3 colored pencils, (no yellow) for analysis work


1 Gridded Pad, 11 x 17 inches

1 Marker Layout Pad, Boris Layout Pad 50 Sheets

1 foam sheet, 12 x 18 inches, (kids foam)

1 White Bristle Brushes (pack of 3) or inexpensive watercolor brush

1 Drawing Clip Board, 23” x 26” inches


Other supplies:

1 artificial chamois, or old T-shirt about 6 inches square, to clean your nib

Art Bin or other container to hold all your equipment

2 dropper bottles, either brown or green, 1 ounce size

A stand to hold your phone


Optional supplies: You will need these if you wish to begin using a dip pen near the end if the term

1 each Speedball C nibs, set of six

1 Speedball pen holder, black plastic hourglass shape

1 six hole plastic palette to mix color

1 tube of Schminke Horodam Vermilion gouache

The kit includes the underlined items.
Cost is $126.40 plus sales tax of $7.58 for a Total = $ 133.98
Please contact us at if you would like to purchase a selection of items different than the kit.