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Hand Stitching Supply Kit

This kit has the particular supplies needed for Julie Booth’s Hand Stitching class. You can purchase it here for “grab & go” pick up and we will get in touch with you to schedule a time. If you need your kit shipped to you please indicate that in the notes section of your order. We will adjust the price to include shipping.

Items included in the supply kit:

  • (1) half yard white muslin fabric 
  • (1) fat quarter black 100% cotton fabric 
  • (1) 12” x 18” white wool felt blend 
  • (1) 12” x 18” black wool felt blend 
  • (1) skein of white embroidery floss 
  • (1) skein of black embroidery floss 
  • (1) skein gray or neutral embroidery floss 
  • (5) yds white size 8 pearl cotton 
  • (5) yds white size 12 pearl cotton 
  • (5) yds black size 8 pearl cotton 
  • (5) yds black size 12 pearl cotton 
  • Assorted black and white patterned fabric scraps 
  • Assorted hand printed fabric scraps 
  • (2) 4” squares of salted (gray) cotton fabric 
  • 6” x 18” black tulle 
  • Small assortment of neutral colored cheesecloth 
  • Assorted neutral colored yarn, silk strips 
  • Assortment of hand sewing needles 
  • 6” template with 4” square window 

    Supply List (The following items are not included in the kit)Please have the following supplies to use for class assignments. If you do not have some of these items, contact me and we can try to come up with alternatives/substitutes.

    1. Notebook/sketchbook/journal. Choose something that you are comfortable writing and sketching in. It does NOT need to be fancy or expensive. It will be the place where you will consider what you’ve stitched and directions you wish to take. This class is all about a continuing “dialog” with your stitched work. We will have weekly journal prompts/exercises.
    2. Writing/drawing tools to use with your notebook. Whatever you’re comfortable using. I like Micron Pigma or Faber-Castell Pitt pens because both types can be used on paper and fabric. Sharpies are also an alternative.
    3. Disappearing or washable fabric marker for use on white/light fabrics.
    4. Washable fabric pencil (typically white) for use on black/dark fabrics
    5. Fabric scissors
    6. Small, sharp embroidery scissors
    7. Pins (I like glass-headed ones)
    8. Glue stick


    Optional but recommended:

    1. Clear gridded ruler for measuring and marking fabric
    2. Self healing cutting mat
    3. Rotary cutter (an option to fabric scissors) to use with cutting mat
    4. Task light


    If you have additional…The supply kit includes the items below but if you happen to have some on hand, you can add it to those supplies:

    1. Embroidery needles
    2. Embroidery floss, pearl cotton, sewing thread, yarns in black, white and neutrals (you will definitely need more floss and pearl cotton threads)
    3. White, black, gray fabrics: cotton, linen, wool, wool felt (cotton and wool felt will be in your supply kit)

    There may be just a few additional items that you can use if you happen to have them at home.