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Lingering within

It sits upon my windowsill, after all of this time, the Magnolia bloom you sent Wilted and shriveled, once the purest white – now browned with age Yet what it is, is just as beautiful as what it was.

We all age, change collecting wrinkles and new colors staring in the mirror wondering, where did we go how could this happen it was just yesterday, we were – young, beautiful.

Though as I tenderly hold, lift this flower I know it still retains a hint of fragrance, that sweet aroma of love, the essence of that day and its loveliness remains as if time has no meaning.

We need not look any further than this alluring scent to know that a bloom will forever be as beautiful as every yesterday it was shared You are beautiful – we are all beautiful regardless of how time has wilted us – Open your eyes, find the fragrance lingering within yourself.

12/26/16 Written for the Beauty in Disguise Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Julia Ward


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Dimensions 26 × 28 × 1 in
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