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“The Music of Trees” by Charles Andrews Heath

How I love to hear the rustle of the leaves upon the trees

When the foliage of summer is a moving in the breeze

When the oak and beech and maple are a tuning up the air

As they hear the quaking aspen sending signals everywhere.

The deciduous forest people are a music making band

With their symphonies so simple that a child can understand

For there’s meaning in their rythm and a pleasure ‘mong the trees

When the wind is blowing through them and a stirring all the leaves.

There’s an overture in whispers which is soothing to the ear

Then a chorus full of comfort just a chasing out your fear

As the louder it is sounding and the louder yet again

Till at last are joys abounding when it falls in sweet refrain.

Yes, it brings you heaps of solace when the wind is blowing soft

In a lullaby of nature which will bear you way aloft

Till you leave this world of trouble with its fretting and its care

As you listen to the rustle of the leaves a playing there.

O, I love to stop and hearken to the music of the trees

As the wind is soughing through them or a playing with the leaves

There’s a harmony that holds you in the noises of the wood

Where I never tire of listening for it does a fellow good.


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Dimensions 30 × 40 × 1 in
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