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Author: Helen J Radford
Title: In Simpatico

We fit now; we complete one another.
Our lives have melted into one
and we dissolve into the unity
which consolidates our synthesis.

We fit now; we complement one another.
Our differences unite us. Our individuality
only serves to combine our commonality;
our separateness compounds our pairing.

We fit now you and I. Sharing the same path;
Sometimes together, sometimes apart.
We deviate and divide, only to combine again
when occupational distraction is done.

We are comfortable and contented.
There is no division in description;
we are affiliated in partnership,
blended, amalgamated, in simpatico.

Our bodies merge in the conformity of belonging.
The longing dovetails our diversity and unites us.
We have emerged from the swirl of separation
as one and I love you. We fit now.


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Mixed Media on paper

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Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in
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