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Line and Wash in Watercolor

Instructor: Peter Ulrich

The objective of this workshop is to introduce and emphasize line work in watercolor. Students may have already done this when they draw in pencil as the first step in rendering a watercolor. However, they most likely went to great ends to make sure none or little of the pencil work remained to be seen after completion of the painting. On the contrary, this class makes sure that drawing is retained and becomes an important integral part of the final product, sharing equal importance with the watercolor in many cases. One way to assure this, is to use a line-inducing implement that is more pronounced than pencil, for example: pen and ink. The ink drawing can be done first with a later application of the watercolor was, or the process can be reversed. Students explore both approaches. They also spend one class studying the use of ink and wash for travel sketching.

The structure will be as follows:

Ahead of time, the instructor will email the registered students a Word document describing the theme of the workshop. A materials list and a folder containing appropriate photos will also be emailed that students can choose to use during the workshop. They also can use their own photos. The instructor will also email the photo he will use each day for his demonstration painting.

Each day:


    Instructor painting demonstration at 10:00am – not to exceed 45 minutes

    Student painting until about 12:30PM

    Return for critique and discussion of student work – 30 minutes

For more information, contact The Art League School at 703-683-2323.

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