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Appreciated Securities

Give Creatively. Give Stock.

A gift of appreciated securites is a strategic way to give to The Art League.
And a 100% win-win.

You can make a big difference in your Art League community and gain a double tax benefit for yourself.


How? It’s easy.

Donate appreciated assets like stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares.

  • Claim a charitable tax deduction on the full fair market value. 
  • Pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation.
  • In some cases, your gift “costs” less than the tax deduction you gain!


So you end up with more money in your pocket, and more of your assets’ value goes to support The Art League programs you love.

Here's our short brochure that you can download to learn more! 

Donors interested in this giving opportunity should consult their tax professionals for advice and contact the Development Office: 703-519-1741 or develop@theartleague.org or admin@theartleague.org to learn how gifts of stock can help you support your area of choice at The Art League.



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