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Gallery 75 is a great place to find affordably priced artwork by our local member artists. Framed, unframed, and three-dimensional work is available to purchase.

Gallery 75

105 N. Union St. (Studio 21)

Alexandria, VA, 22314


Find us inside the Art League Gallery, on the first floor of the Torpedo Factory Art Center!

Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm*

Sunday: 12pm-6pm*

 *Please note the Art Center may sometimes close at 5pm for special events. 

What is Gallery 75?

Where do you go to find affordable artwork by accomplished local artists?

Nestled inside The Art League Gallery here in the Torpedo Factory, this gallery-within-a-gallery is open only to artists who are juried into three of our shows per year. It used to be called the Bin Gallery — after, well, the bins — but in 2016, we renamed it in honor of the year it was founded. It’s a nicer name, don’t you agree?

The framed and sculptural works change bimonthly, and the unframed bin pieces change at least every six months, so come early and come often!

By the way, if you’re wondering what exactly we mean by “affordable” artwork: right now you can find unframed pieces for as low as $45, and numerous works, framed and unframed, under $100. Be sure to search around to find the artists and artwork that speak to you!