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Exhibiting Artist Information

Welcome! Exhibiting Artist Membership at The Art League gallery is open to all artists who wish to participate in Art League exhibits. Exhibiting Artists can enter monthly juried shows, apply for solo exhibits, and more.


Table of contents:



Becoming an Exhibiting Artist:

Please read all Exhibiting Artist information below carefully. You may wish to print it out for future reference.


Option 1: Traditional Exhibiting Artist

Pay to be an Exhibiting Artist for one year (July 1 to June 30) and pay $5 per entry to monthly exhibits (limit of two entries per exhibit).

  • New Exhibiting Artist: $95
  • Renewal: $80

Click to join or renew (traditional membership)

Option 2: All-Inclusive Exhibiting Artist

All entry fees are included*. Use your Exhibiting Artist card to check in your artwork on receiving day!

  • Cost: $144

Click to join (one-time payment)

Option 3: All-Inclusive Exhibiting Artist monthly payments

All entry fees are included*. You will be charged $12 on the first of the month for 12 months. Use your Exhibiting Artist card to check in your artwork on receiving day!

  • Cost: $12 per month for 12 months ($144 total)

Click to join (monthly payments)

*Terms:  By choosing to participate in The Art League's All-Inclusive program you have agreed to pay $144 over the course of the exhibiting year. The $144 All-Inclusive program fee covers Exhibiting Artist dues and all entry fees for exhibits held in the exhibiting year with the exception of digital exhibits, solo exhibits, some specialty exhibits, and Gallery 75 fees.


Please call the Gallery at 703-683-1780 if you have any questions.

Monthly Juried Exhibits

Exhibiting artists of The Art League gallery may submit work at their own risk according to the following guidelines:


  • Up to two pieces of work may be submitted to the gallery between the hours of 5:30–7:30 pm on the designated Sunday evening, and 10:00 am–12:00 pm on the designated Monday morning of receiving. Entry fees are $5 per piece entered, unless you joined using the all-inclusive program ($144 or $12/month) (see Becoming an Exhibiting Artist, above). (See upcoming exhibit dates)
  • There is no size limitation, unless otherwise stated (e.g. the Small Works exhibit). Work must weigh less than 60 lbs.
  • No copies of paintings or copies of published photographs are acceptable. All work must be original to the artist.
  • All prints must be original and hand pulled by the artist. No commercially reproduced prints are acceptable for exhibition in The Art League. Please see "Suitable Media" below for further guidance.
  • Each work must have an entry tag (available during receiving) attached to the back upper left corner, designating the artist's name, phone number, title, medium, price, and month of show.
  • All works must be for sale and priced within the artist's usual price range. If an artist prefers not to sell a piece of work, it should not be entered. Artists should not enter work at a price higher than that of their other work; they should use the “time and materials” formula if unsure of pricing. Prices may not be changed after a piece is entered.
  • Work selected for gallery exhibits hangs for the duration of the show or until sold. No work may be removed until close of show for any reason other than a sale. Artists may pick up work from monthly exhibits during receiving for the following month's exhibit. There is absolutely no early pick-up.
  • The Gallery Director will be the sole and final judge of the work’s acceptability for jurying.
  • After jurying is completed, the artwork sign-in sheet will be scanned and posted one our website; please visit the page for that specific show. Red dots mark accepted works. If artists would like to call in to get the results, please call no earlier than 5:30 pm on Monday, and have your entry number ready.
  • Because storage space is so limited, we ask that work be picked up as soon as possible. Don't forget to sign work out when you pick it up! If a piece is too large to fit into the closet, the artist must pick up the work no later than the Wednesday after jurying by 6:00 pm. Work left longer than six months will become the property of The Art League and may be donated to the Patrons' Show. A late fee of $20 per week will be assessed beginning one week after the Monday of show week.
  • A work accepted for a show and listed in the program may not be re-entered to any other Art League juried shows. A rejected work, however, may be re-submitted to future shows.


Click here to join or renew online.


Juror selection

A qualified arts professional is invited to judge and to make award selections. The juror functions as an independent judge and is not associated with The Art League as an exhibiting member, student, or staff. Each exhibit may be expected to reflect the opinions of its judge. Selection of a different judge each month assures variety in successive exhibits and a broader opportunity to member artists. No judge is invited back for at least two years to allow for a broad base of opinion.

Other exhibition opportunities

Solo or group exhibits: Each Fall, Exhibiting Artists can apply for a solo exhibit. The next deadline will be in Fall 2017 for exhibits in 2019. For details about solo shows and how to apply, click here.


Gallery 75: Gallery 75 provides an opportunity for Exhibiting Artists to continuously exhibit in one of the most visited galleries in the region, to build a client base and to sell your work. Artists who are juried into three shows in one exhibiting year (July 1 to June 30) are eligible to display framed, unframed, and three-dimensional work in this space, as well as in an online gallery. For details about Gallery 75 membership, click here.

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Presentation guidelines

The Art League gallery expects Exhibiting Artists to present their work in a clean, professional manner. Please follow these guidelines when submitting work for jurying.

  • All work must be presented in a professional manner.
  • Works on paper must be matted and any work with a paper mat must have a protective covering of glass or Plexiglas. No clip frames or taped frames are allowed.
  • Works must be securely and suitably framed with screw eyes and wires firmly attached to the frame itself, not to the backing.
  • Work will be eliminated if poorly prepared or still wet.
  • Gallery-wrapped canvases may be submitted unframed. Edges must be finished; no staples, tacks, or tape visible.
  • Unusual framing or display situations must be approved by Gallery staff before submission.


The Art League gallery recommends several area framers:


  • Carriage House Picture Framing: 215 S Union St, Alexandria, VA / 703-548-5319
  • Frame Masters: 8305 Merrifield Avenue, Fairfax, VA / 703-573-5734


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Suitable Media

The Art League gallery will, under no circumstances, accept copies of other artists' work. We also do not accept commercial reproductions or giclee prints of member artists' original work.

Artwork produced by reproductive technology (commercial lithography, photography, xerography, computer-scanned laser or inkjet printing, etc.) is acceptable only when it is a) an original creation produced by means of technology having been used as a medium ONLY b) if based on a copy of one's own work, which has been subsequently altered, the aesthetic impact (of the resulting work) must be substantially altered from the original.

Works entered in monthly shows will be required to describe mediums employed. The Gallery Director and staff may evaluate works seen and questioned at submission. These guidelines, as well as the TFAC guidelines, are on file at The Art League library.

Acceptable and unacceptable media for submission

  • Painting & Drawing: original artwork by definition; not acceptable if it is a copy of any other published artworks or source photographs
  • Printmaking: intaglio, etching, lithograph, monotype/monoprint, woodcut, linocut, screenprint are all acceptable when created/processed by the artist's hand; not acceptable as copies of any other published works
  • Photography: unique photographed images are acceptable. Photographers are encouraged, but not required, to process or print their own work. Unaltered reproductions of pre-existing artwork are not allowed (i.e., you may not take a photograph of a painting — yours or not — and submit it as an original).
  • Digital art: Work that has been created by digital manipulation, whether initially scanned into or created within the computer. Unaltered or unsubstantially altered prints of pre-existing artwork are not permitted.
  • Collage (using copies of other images): Images must be used as part of a design created by the artist, and substantially different than any individual incorporated image.
  • Photocopies: Copies that are used as the basis for a new work of art must be so significantly altered as to substantially change the aesthetic impact of the original piece.
  • Commercial lithography, giclee prints, 4-color process: not acceptable for The Art League, even if the artist oversees/approves printing process and signs and numbers prints.


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Although in the possession of the gallery, works of art remain the property of the artist. Upon sale, ownership transfers from the artist to the purchaser. The gallery sells works of art on a cash, charge, or 30-, 60-, or 90-day payment plan. The Gallery does not negotiate prices and urges the artist to adhere to this policy after work leaves the gallery. Payment for work sold is disbursed by the 15th of the month following the month of sale and is 60% of the sale price exclusive of sales tax. The 40% commission, which the gallery retains, is used to defray the cost of maintaining the gallery.


It is understood that the artist will not undersell the gallery. Members are expected to remit to the League a percentage of any sales made through the gallery or through the gallery’s direct contact or referral. All sales of work exhibited in The Art League gallery are subject to a 40% commission paid to the gallery. If a client wishes to see additional work by an artist and a studio visit is arranged, a sale is made, and the artist handles the entire process, the artist owes a 10% referral fee to The Art League for works not seen in The Art League gallery.

Exhibiting Artists without access to a credit card processing system may use The Art League’s, with the understanding that the gallery will receive a 10% commission from each sale. The Art League will run the charge and report sales tax. Payment will be disbursed with the commissions from the month in which the sale was made.

The Art League absorbs the cost of discounts offered by the gallery, (i.e. a designer or patron discount). Artist’s remuneration shall not be affected.

In all cases, The Art League's purpose is in serving the artist to the best of our abilities and resources. We charge only what is necessary — we are a nonprofit service organization and always keep that uppermost in our thought.

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Why be an Exhibiting Artist?

  • Eligibility to submit works in monthly shows juried by highly regarded professionals and seen in our gallery, which is visited by over 60,000 people annually
  • Opportunities to apply for a solo show and join Gallery 75
  • Work is exhibited seven days a week (except holidays) in a professionally staffed gallery (the gallery is closed when the Torpedo Factory Art Center is closed: January 1, Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving, and December 25)
  • The Art League maintains a website and blog, social media accounts, and advertises nationally and locally
  • All accepted work displayed on The Art League's Flickr page
  • Exclusive representation is not required
  • Artist resumes may be kept in the gallery for purchasers and potential clients
  • Referrals and sales are handled by professional staff, with purchaser information provided to artists
  • The staff serves as a re­source for locating technical information and services
  • Low cost, high quality supplies and expert advice at The Art League Store
  • The monthly Tidings newsletter
  • The opportunity to volunteer in the gallery or school provides participants with the chance to network with other artists, learn new skills, and be an active part of a dynamic organization

 Click here to join or renew online.


Download PDFs: Member Agreement |Exhibiting Tags |How to Price Artwork | Framing Guidelines


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