Artful Links: Inspiration & Restoration Edition

In our continuing quest to be helpful, we’ve gathered some inspiration-themed links artists might find useful or interesting. Click away! Inspiration, education, and entertainment all in one: it’s easy to get lost in the videos and interviews posted at Those Who Make. They aren’t all artists, but they all use their hands to make — […]

Thursday: Opening Reception for “Tierra y Memoria” & “Color Sphere”

October’s exhibits are up in the Gallery and looking good! This Thursday, October 11 at 6:30 pm is the opening reception for “Tierra y Memoria,” an exhibit of paintings and linocuts by Juan E. Hernandez G., and “Color Sphere,” the juried group exhibit exploring color. Both shows are open through November 5. Hernandez’s artwork takes […]

George’s Artistic Adventure: Shaping Up

See the rest of this series here. Here’s what I did in today’s drawing class: That was taken near the end of class, though I fixed it up some after that. In particular, instructor George suggested I work on straight lines (as well as centering the subject on the paper). I can definitely see what […]

Art League Happy Hour: The Inspiration

Join us a couple days a week for Art League Happy Hour (yes, we like to go to happy hour a couple days a week). During Art League Happy Hour you can read up on Art on the Rocks news and see video clips of our participating bartenders creating their artistic cocktails. With Art on […]