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Travel Art Workshops and FAQs for 2016–17


A student painting the lavender fields at Sault. Photo by Susan Abbott.
A student painting the lavender fields at Sault. Photo by Susan Abbott.

The Art League’s travel workshops include local day trips and international workshops. They’re your chance to learn more about art and culture while globetrotting with expert instructors!

With a new school year starting, we have a new slate of travel workshops coming up. Are you ready for Greece? How about Croatia? Or would you like to revisit the Phillips Collection here in DC — with a master framer?

Read to the end for our FAQ on travel workshops. For more information about any of these workshops, and to register, contact Travel Workshop Coordinator Margaret Cerutti: 703-683-1780 x13 or margaretc@theartleague.org.

The 2016–17 schedule

The Sketchbook Traveler in Paris, France
Instructor: Alice Kale
Type: Watercolor painting and museum exploration
When: September 4–14, 2016

Plein Air Painting in the Chesapeake Area
Instructor: Peter Ulrich
Type: Plein air (outdoor) painting
When: Fall 2016

Master Framer’s Tour at the Phillips Collection
Instructor: William Adair
Type: Museum exploration
When: November 13, 2016, 2:00 pm

The Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island
Instructor: TBD
Type: Museum overnight trip
When: November 2016

Bahamas Winter Painting Retreat
Instructor: Susan Abbott
Type: Plein air painting/all media
When: February 2017

Venice, Italy Through the Eyes of the Artist
Instructor: Robert Liberace
Type: Drawing and museum exploration
When: Spring 2017

Croatia: The Island of Hvar
Instructor: Matt Pinney
Type: Plein air painting
When: June 2017

Drawing & Painting the Splendor of Greece
Instructor: Thanasi Papapostolou
Type: Plein air and historical site exploration
When: June 2017


Here’s our Q&A with Travel Workshop Coordinator Margaret Cerutti with some background on what to expect:

Instructor Robert Liberace demos for students in Florence.

What’s included in the workshop price?
That varies by the workshop. Generally, accommodations with breakfast, group transportation and entrance fees to the sites on the agenda, and the price of instruction are included. Airfares aren’t usually included, but we try to arrange them at the lowest price available. This is optional; you can use your frequent flier miles instead if you prefer — many people do!

What’s the itinerary like? Will there be down time?
Every travel workshop is unique — it’s based on the instructor’s choice. If it’s a plein air painting workshop, there will be an initial demo (on a theme, such as atmospheric perspective in the landscape) with additional demos on subsequent days in different locations. Students will then work on their own pieces with instructor input. For a museum exploration or drawing workshop, usually a drawing/painting demo will follow the museum experience, either within the museum itself or at another location. Generally the schedule is pretty intense — depending on the workshop, the day is filled with activities. However, for the most part the evenings are free.

Oxford University in England.

How is transportation within the destination arranged?
On domestic local day trips (Virginia, Maryland, etc.), you’ll provide your own transportation. In general, group transportation for international workshops is arranged at the travel workshop location.

I’m not a very advanced artist — will I feel out of place? What if I don’t know anyone else who’s going and I’m not an Art League student or exhibiting artist?
Generally, travel workshops are not for beginners. Depending on the workshop, you should have some drawing/painting/photography experience. Call for further information if you aren’t sure. Some of our instructors have two- or three-day workshops you can take to gain experience prior to departure.

There are pre-departure information nights for all participants who are registered, so you’ll get to meet each other and further discuss supplies and the itinerary for the trip.

Workshops include visits to local attractions such as the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice.

Can my spouse or significant other come if they aren’t an artist?
Sometimes that can be arranged. Call for details.

How do you plan your trips and choose your destinations? Are the instructors experts on those cities?
Generally, our instructors choose the travel locations because they are familiar with them or that city has something in particular to offer the students — in particular, things like museums or painting the lavender fields in Provence in July.

How do I get my supplies? Can I take them on the plane?
Supplies may be purchased here in The Art League Store. Supplies can be carried in your checked luggage. Details can be explained before departure.

Instructor Susan Abbott captures Elbow Cay in the Bahamas.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?
That depends on the location. Always keep your passport current!

I missed out on a trip I would have liked to go on. Are the same trips offered each year? How can I find out what’s coming up?
Some trips are offered on a yearly basis due to demand and their small size, though specific itinerary items may change. Current information is on The Art League website.

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