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Crayon News, Insta-Censors, the Lavatory Studio, & More Artful Links

We’ve got a lot of goodies in this edition of Artful Links, including things to look at, things to read, and things to inspire:

Things to look at

Art is all around you …

… and soon, it really will be all around you.

Two other projects to take a gander at (online, if not in person):


In crayon news, those dandelion yellow Crayolas might be worth some money someday. (OK, probably not.) Recently retired by the company (illustrated eulogy here), they’ll be replaced by a new blue inspired by an accidentally discovered artificial pigment.

Remember when Martha Wilson came to talk at The Art League for our 60th anniversary year? She discussed her own artwork and the work of the Franklin Furnace she founded:

She and the Franklin Furnace are still supporting avant garde art, and are marking their 40th anniversary. Here’s what they’re up to these days, in Wilson’s interview with Hyperallergic.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is holding an exhibit of Imogen Cunningham’s photography, so naturally they took to Instagram to promote it. Instagram is, of course, the place to share amazing photography online — unless, as the MFA found out, that photography includes “some … female nipples.” Instagram took down three posts by the museum.


You may know Jerry Saltz as famous art critic, but do you know Jerry Saltz as an artist? In My Life as a Failed Artist, Saltz’s essay for Vulture, he recalls a forgotten part of his life and why it didn’t end up the way he wanted. “Every artist does battle, every day, with doubts,” he writes. “I lost the battle.”

Nina Katchadourian

Next time you’re bored on an airplane, turn it into your studio. That’s what Nina Katchadourian is doing with her ongoing (since 2010) Seat Assignment project. Our favorite: Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style.

This writer told the story of his mother, Katherine Bradford, who is achieving recognition for her art in her seventies, over three decades after she took the plunge. How About a Little Badass Inspiration?


Have you heard of the camera lucida? It’s one of the optical devices painters used as an aid in the days before photography. (Another is the camera obscura, which is much older.) Anyway, the camera lucida was invented about 200 years ago and never really took off — except that now you can buy one and try it out! Check it out on Kickstarter.

Bonus video

In this very thought-provoking video, Vox explains the research into how different cultures name colors. It’s definitely worth a watch:

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