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10 Artists Accepted for Solo Shows in 2019

Ready for a little peek into the future?

Each fall, The Art League brings in a panel of jurors to select artists for solo shows. The jurying takes place two years ahead of time, so artists can get back to the studio and build their exhibit, based on their proposal and jury feedback.

This year’s jurors were Isabel Manalo, Anjuli Lebowitz, and Martin Kotler. Forty-five different artists submitted proposals this time around — no easy feat in itself! The jurors selected 10 artists for shows, which will be scheduled for 2019.

Congratulations to the artists! Now the work begins:

Susan Callahan

Tickets in the Window by Susan Callahan

Susan Callahan, a chef and textile artist, will present an exhibit celebrating the non-celebrity chef in shades that match a stainless steel commercial kitchen. She starts with photos, which are screen printed, hand painted, and stitched into the textile artworks for this show.

Margaret Cerutti

Alan by Margaret Cerutti

Margaret Cerutti is a figure and plein air painter — and recently named a member of the Salmagundi Club — who is motivated by light. Her exhibit will explore how light changes the mood of portrait paintings, and she plans to include a studio set-up as part of the exhibit so viewers can experience “sitting” for a portrait.

Berit Jarama Estabrook

True Cost I by Berit Jarama Estabrook

Painter Berit Jarama Estabrook conceives of a “sacred web” connecting living things for her exhibit, which will invite the viewer to relate to animals. Naturally, the plight of the environment looms large in these mixed-media paintings.

Matthew Harwood

by Matthew Harwood

The beauty of mathematics is the subject for Matthew Harwood’s 2019 exhibit — specifically, prime numbers and their relationships. The exhibit will feature digital drawings on metal and laminated banners, as well as explanatory text, scale models, and his artist sketchbook.

Lee Hassig

by Lee Hassig

If you’ve been to Colonial Williamsburg, you may recognize the setting for Lee Hassig’s photographs: it’s Duke of Gloucester Street. But the street isn’t the subject matter for this exhibit; it’s the crowds, with single figures plucked out in unposed portraits for the viewer’s consideration.

Megan Partridge

by Megan Partridge

Megan Partridge’s gestural paintings of insects started as whimsy, but she says they also function as a kind of self-portrait. These bugs will tickle you — in a good way.

Ann Pickett

Serene by Ann Pickett

Painter Ann Pickett proposed a polyptych (multi-panel artwork) that spans the exhibit room. It’s inspired by a desire to unite her figural work and abstract expressionist work.

Elaine Qiu

by Elaine Qiu

Titled “The Mystery of You,” Elaine Qiu’s exhibit aims to challenge the idea of “otherness” by creating exchanges between different kinds of people. Viewers will be invited to write one word next to each painting. Qiu, a first-generation Chinese immigrant, practiced calligraphy from childhood — read more in our recent interview on this blog.

BD Richardson

Morning Rush by BD Richardson

Photographer BD Richardson’s subject is the Chesapeake bay — its history, its people, and its questionable future. The photographs will be processed in several different ways, including as salt prints — referencing the bay – and as hand transfers.

Inna Skidan

By Inna Skidan

Finally, the artist Inna Skidan — originally from Ukraine — will bring experimental paintings around the theme of “New Day” to the solo gallery.

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