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The Doctor (Ito Briones) in the Gallery with the Palette Knife

Ito Briones' "A Murder in Bruges: Cast of Characters"
Ito Briones’ “A Murder in Bruges: Cast of Characters”

Has the murderer been framed? In Ito Briones’ new solo exhibit, “A Murder in Bruges: Cast of Characters,” you can be sure they have been… but whodunit?

When he’s not working as physician-scientist, Dr. Ito Briones can be found oil painting or writing fiction. The August solo exhibit perfectly brings together Briones’ strengths in one exciting art-exhibit-turned-murder-mystery. Briones invites YOU to be the detective and solve the mysterious murder of The Tattoo-man. Keep reading for how to be entered to win one of Briones’ paintings.

The Clues
The Clues
The Victim


The Setting: Bruges, Belgium.

The Victim: The Tattoo-man, a 35-year old male covered neck to thigh in tattoos, working as a professional a model for a local Bruges art school.

The Suspects: More than 20 characters – most of them with a possible motive to kill the Tattoo-man.

The Detectives: Inspectors Edward and Nicolas Luttwak.

The Clues: Autopsy report indicating the victim drowned, a baseball bat covered in blood matching the DNA of the victim, the Tattoo-man’s wrist watch stopped at 9:34, a ruby necklace, a blood-stained glove, a blood smeared violin.

View the exhibit through September 2, but make sure to place your guess for who the murder is before August 30.


How to Win:

Identify the killer, send your answer to itobriones (at) gmail.com before the end of the day on August 28 for a chance to win a painting in the exhibit. In the event that more than one person manages to solve the case, a lottery will be held to choose the winner from those who correctly identified the murderer. A complete analysis of the story will be revealed on August 30 at the “Drawn In: Taking a Closer Look at The Art League’s Solo Art Exhibit” event and on Briones’ website, itobriones.com.

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