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Anna Yakubovskaya

Anna Yakubovskaya studied art at the Industrial Arts College in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was inspired by her painting instructor who also worked in fiber arts. Because Anna had been trained in watercolor, silk painting was a natural way to combine her love for both painting and fiber. She has been creating her beautiful silk scarves for ten years.

Her artwork is inspired by nature, and our human connection to it. Using color and organic imagery, Anna creates unique pieces for her customers to enjoy. She believes these scarves have the power to make the wearer feel beautiful and powerful.

Anna’s Silk Painting workshop will include such techniques as Batik resist, as well as freehand painting. Part of the joy of silk painting, Anna believes, comes from the unpredictability of the medium. She says that while you can certainly have a specific design in mind, you never know exactly how each piece will turn out, thus creating a sense of adventure in the process.;

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Anna Yakubovskaya
Anna Yakubovskaya
Anna Yakubovskaya
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