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Kim Stenberg

Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. She came to the United States to study history and received a PhD degree in British history at the University of Minnesota. Soon after she earned her degree, she decided to take art classes at the Art League School and it turned out to be a life-changing decision. She has been using both sides of her brain ever since. Kim started out with the medium of colored pencil, then moved on to watercolor. She retired from teaching history at college and committed herself to painting full time.

Teaching Philosophy
When teaching, Kim is in her element. She has been at it since college, teaching English, history, and now art. She believes that drawing and painting are skills anyone can learn. Being able to render a three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional paper or canvas and to share the artist’s wonder in the beauty in everyday things with the viewer is the artist’s joy. With passion and patience, Kim wishes to aid the unleashing of an art student’s innate creativity.

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Kim Stenberg
Kim Stenberg
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