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Mark Malecki

B.A. University Of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Major in Economics and Political Science
J.D. Georgetown University Law Center, Degree in Law

Mark Malecki, a longtime student at the Art League School has studied sumi-e with Aiko Erickson, Betzi Robinson and Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz nearly continually since the early 2000’s.  He has also studied sumi-e at the Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China and has taken several courses in Japanese-style mineral pigment painting at the Sakura Salon in Tokyo. Mark has also studied Japanese calligraphy for many years.

With a background in both Western Art and Asian Art, he likes to fuse elements of both artistic traditions in his personal work. This sometimes includes Asian subject matter and color schemes, on Western watercolor paper or Western-style light and shadow on the subject against a minimalist background. He also will do the reverse, making Asian sumi-e and Japanese mineral pigment (also known as Nihonga) of uniquely American subject matter. He is inspired by the great masters of the Song Dynasty and the masters of the Japanese Rinpa school and the Nihonga traditional school.


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Mark Malecki
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