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Meredith Patton

BFA Art Education, Appalachian State University, NC
Meredith Patton is a seasoned educator and artist hailing from the mountains of North Carolina. After earning her BFA from Appalachian State University, Patton has spent the past several years honing her craft and sharing her passion with students ranging from pre-k to retired adults. She has worked as a teacher and studio technician in a variety of ceramics studios throughout Western and Central North Carolina, and the Northern Virginia area, gaining hands-on experience in programming kilns and glaze chemistry.

Patton’s teaching approach is centered around the belief that the meditative and therapeutic qualities of pottery can awaken the intuition of the inner child, regardless of skill level or age. Through her instruction, she encourages her students to approach the pottery-making process with a sense of playfulness and exploration, inspiring them to tap into their innate creativity and embrace the joy of making. Patton’s own ceramic works are a testament to the versatile nature of clay, showcasing experimentation in both throwing on the wheel and hand building techniques.

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Meredith Patton
Meredith Patton
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