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Milena Spasic

The relationship of the figure to its space is what holds my attention in the painting process. It is through the exploration of that relationship that I come closest to describing what it feels like to be alive. Even when I paint or draw a still life it is still that depiction of spatial tension that I seek. One of my favorite quotes is by the artist Umberto Boccioni: “ To paint a human figure, you must not paint it; you must render the whole of its surrounding atmosphere.”

  • MFA ­ Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA.
  • BFA ­ Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington DC.

Exhibitions Include: WPA, DCAC, Capitol Hill Arts
Workshop, Maryland House of Delegates, Embassy of Yugoslavia, Washington Studio
School, Women in Military Service for America Memorial ­ Arlington National Cemetery
Member of ASTM International D01.57: Subcommittee on Artists’ Paints and Related
Materials. Special interest in manufacturing of artist’s materials, methods of use, evolution in education about artist’s materials, materiality in the world of art curators and museums.

Still Life by Melina Spasic
Still Life by Melina Spasic
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Milena Spasic
Milena Spasic
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