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Although in the possession of the gallery, works of art remain the property of the artist. Upon sale, ownership transfers from the artist to the purchaser. The gallery sells works of art on a cash, charge, or 30-, 60-, or 90-day payment plan. The Gallery does not negotiate prices and urges the artist to adhere to this policy after work leaves the gallery.

Payment for work sold is disbursed by the 15th of the month following the month of sale and is 60% of the sale price exclusive of sales tax. The 40% commission, which the gallery retains, is used to defray the cost of maintaining the gallery.

To ensure you, the artist, received your commission payment in a timely manner, please make sure your mailing address is up to date and that the gallery has all of your correct accounting information (Full Name, SS#, mailing address, etc). You can call the gallery to check at any time at 703-683-1780.


Pricing of artwork is decided by the artist, but we do require that it falls within the artists’ sales history. Need help with pricing? Check out our blog post or download this pricing guide.


It is understood that the artist will not undersell the gallery. Members are expected to remit to the League a percentage of any sales made through the gallery or through the gallery’s direct contact or referral. All sales of work exhibited in The Art League gallery are subject to a 40% commission paid to the gallery. If a client wishes to see additional work by an artist and a studio visit is arranged, a sale is made, and the artist handles the entire process, the artist owes a 10% referral fee to The Art League for works not seen in The Art League gallery.

Exhibiting Artists without access to a credit card processing system may use The Art League’s, with the understanding that the gallery will receive a 10% commission from each sale. The Art League will run the charge and report sales tax. Payment will be disbursed with the commissions from the month in which the sale was made.

The Art League absorbs the cost of discounts offered by the gallery, (i.e. a designer or patron discount). Artist’s remuneration shall not be affected.

In all cases, The Art League’s purpose is in serving the artist to the best of our abilities and resources. We charge only what is necessary — we are a nonprofit service organization and always keep that uppermost in our thought.

Fancy Free by Ann Ruppert
Fancy Free by Ann Ruppert

Become an Exhibiting Artist

Exhibiting Artist membership to The Art League gallery provides artists with the continual opportunity to have their work judged by esteemed local arts professionals, and to compete to exhibit their work in one of Washington’s largest art galleries.