Upcoming Art League Workshops

The Art League offers tons of workshops throughout the year, but we offer even more in the summer when people don’t have the time to dedicate to a full eight or nine week class. Here’s a taste of what’s coming up. Check out our website and see what’s happening throughout the summer!

Gestural Florals with Jackie Saunders, June 26 and 27
Participants paint flowers as living, moving little people. The individual personalities of flowers are captured with rhythmic contour line and fresh washes of undiluted pigments mixing directly on the paper. Students are encouraged to strive for a lively expression, not botanical accuracy. A small model fee is charged. 

This workshop begins with camera resolution and file formats followed by an overview of Photoshop interface- menu bar, tools, and palettes. Students learn how to use the adjustment tools for contrast and color correction, image sharpening, black and white conversion, and resizing of images for print and the web. Participants follow along by applying to their images the tools and techniques demonstrated. 

 Each day introduces a different medium, with the emphasis being on unusual and unique approaches to materials and their uses. The class can accommodate both the Realist and the Abstractionist in creating art that encourages exploration. Some techniques covered are: oil pastel and wax sgrafitto drawing, ink and crayon etching, multiple paper stencil monotypes, and multimedia collage. A materials fee payable to the instructor covers some items. 

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