Art Classes & Workshops

News from our art classes in Old Town Alexandria, including teacher interviews, videos from inside the classroom, and updates on teachers and students. Find out what's going on at the School and what class you want to take next!

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Dive in! Summer Classes and Workshops are Here!

Summer is the time to get your feet wet and try something new! So sit dive in to a new class or workshop....color, or collages, or even Japanese papermaking! With 135 classes, 51 workshops and 102 art camps...there's something for everyone! Read more →

Find your Next Thing at The Art League

From textile work, to cherry blossom chasing, to capturing your favorite blooms in watercolor—The Art League has you covered. What's your Spring "thing"? Read more →

Spring Forward: 5 Spring Workshops to Look Forward To

Make the last few days of this snowy winter a little more colorful at The Art League. The school is gearing up for Spring classes, workshops, and Art Camp 2019! Here’s a curated selection of Spring workshops to welcome back longer days and warmer weather: Read more →

Escape to the Bahamas with The Art League

The Art League makes a trip to the sunny Bahamas each year in February, and painters of all media join to paint en plein air (because sun and sand make for better conditions than snow and wind) in one of our travel workshops. Instructor Susan O'Neill will guide the group this year.  Read more →

The Hip Bone’s Connected to the Artistic Bone: John Murray Gets to the Marrow of Figurative Work

John Murray’s “Artistic Anatomical Drawing” class could be bone dry. But instead of lectures akin to medical school discourse, Murray incorporates figurative work and his breadth of knowledge of the human body to make figurative work really move. Read more →

Get Started Early on Artfelt Holiday Gifts for the Art Lover in your Life!

Need a gift for the art-lover in your life? The Art League is here to help—it's never too early to start! Read more →