Prep Your Digital Canvas for “Apps For Artists”

"Big George I" by Nancy Freeman, created with the SketchBook Pro app.

“Big George I” by Nancy Freeman, created with the SketchBook Pro app.

Next month, The Art League premieres a new course in digital art: Apps for Artists, starting Monday, April 8.

With smartphones and tablets everywhere, digital arts programs have grown much more advanced since the days of MS Paint. Apps for Artists will cover tools that manipulate existing images, work with the iPad camera, create new work from scratch, or do all three — the possibilities are endless, as Nancy writes on her website:

“I might begin a digital work with a scan of one of my traditional paintings, a photograph, or an image created directly with the computer. Then I start transforming, distorting, adding, erasing, layering, digitally drawing or painting. If I can imagine it, I can find a way to do it with the computer. Sometimes I go back into a archival digital print and work on it with traditional media — whatever the art work needs.”

Participants need to bring an iPad and their imaginations, but can leave their smocks at home, for now. You can register here and read more about Apps for Artists on Nancy’s website, here.

Nancy previewed the new course at November's Artfête Holiday Party.

Nancy previewed the new course at November’s Artfête Holiday Party.

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