Abstract Painting Students Exhibit at the Torpedo Factory

Abstract students' exhibit

What goes on in The Art League’s classrooms? We proudly answer that question every February with the Student/Faculty Show — and, from time to time, individual classes organize their own exhibits to share what they’re working on.

This month, you can see student work from Deanna Schwartzberg‘s abstract painting class in a show at the Torpedo Factory. “Different Voices/Common Goals” is in the Site 2 and 3 galleries — on the east side of the building on the second and third floors, just past the central staircase.

“This class is unique in joining seasoned professional artists with those new to the field. Along with Deanna’s individual and class instruction, each artist learns from the other through critical discussion and a spirit of artistic camaraderie.

In this exhibit, as in the class itself, there is a wide range of subject matter, technique and style. The commonality of the work is a confident approach to color and form as each artist pursues his personal interest. This show gives voice to the creative possibilities and meanings of abstraction.”

The exhibit is open May 4 to June 5, with an opening reception on Saturday, May 16, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

El Jardín, acrylic on canvas, by Linda Bankerd.

El Jardín, acrylic on canvas, by Linda Bankerd.

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