Art Safari Returns Saturday!

Now in its 22nd (!) year, Art Safari is the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s annual hands-on open house for kids and their families. You can join in the fun this Saturday, October 21 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm with lots of different activities to try!

The Art League is participating, of course — find us in studio 21 for a gallery scavenger hunt based on our current exhibits!

Easel stations in action at Art Safari 2014

The full schedule

Here’s the full list of goings-on at Art Safari:

  • Giant Papier-Mâché Elephant
    1st floor | Lisa Schumaier
  • Dada Jack-O-Lanterns
    Michael Holt
  • Scrap City
    AIA Northern Virginia
  • Mini Paintings & Coloring Pages
  • Bottlecap Art
    UpCycle Creative Reuse Center
  • Create Buttons & Bookmarks
    Alexandria Library
  • Fiber Demonstrations
    Fluff & Nonsense
  • The Mobile Art Lab
  • Create Your Own Sea Creatures
    Studio 8 | Constantino Bastidas
  • Gallery Scavenger Hunt
    Studio 21 | The Art League
  • Clay Experience
    Studio 22 | Susan Greenleaf
  • Fiber Collage Project
    Studio 29 | Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery
  • Easel Stations
    2nd floor | Christine Cardellino
  • Silk Screen Printing
    Studio 325 | Patrick Sargent
  • Noodle Necklaces
    Studio 326 | Sissy Cutchen
  • Artifact Illustration
    Studio 327 | Alexandria Archaeology Museum
  • Dance Painting
    Local Motion Project

For full details, visit We’ll see you Saturday!

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