Spring Forward: 5 Spring Workshops to Look Forward To

Make the last few days of this snowy winter a little more colorful at The Art League. The school is gearing up for Spring classes, workshops, and Art Camp 2019! Here’s a curated selection of Spring workshops to welcome back longer days and warmer weather:

Near Annapolis - Patrick Kirwin

Near Annapolis Patrick Kirwin

Painting Water – Patrick Kirwin

March 30-31

Water is exciting imagery to paint and there are many techniques to capture its facets. In this workshop, Patrick Kirwin walks students through how paint the ocean waves at the shore, reflections in a still lake and waterfalls. For speed, it is recommended to use acrylics so the class can paint quickly in layers. Bonus: watching Patrick demo how to paint is truly a mesmerizing experience.

Painting by Jackie Saunders

Painting by Jackie Saunders

Faces in Watercolor – Jackie Saunders

March 18-19

Learn to draw and paint human faces using shape, proportion, sighting techniques, contour and cross-contour line. Learn to mix warm and cool flesh tones from fresh washes of watercolor pigment and define features with clean, descriptive shadow shapes. Saunders teaches correct placement of the features to capture not only the likeness but the spirit of the model in watercolor.

Hands by Danni Saunder

Hands by Danni Saunder

Crash Course in Drawing – Deirdre Saunder

March 23-24

Been awhile since you’ve taken a drawing class? This workshop is the perfect refresher. Study fundamental drawing techniques primarily in pencil and charcoal and other drawing basics. Learn to use line, value, gesture, and perspective, and develop the ability to “see” as an artist. Practice your craft by drawing still lives, figures, landscapes, and using photographic references.

In the Distance by Saaraliisa Ylitalo

In the Distance by Saaraliisa Ylitalo

Spinning Thread from Paper – Saaraliisa Ylitalo

March 2

Thread from paper? Why, of course! The art of making thread and using it to weave cloth dates back to 7th century Japan. In this class students prepare Japanese papers to make shifu; twist the paper into thread using a rough brick, hand held spindles and spinning wheels; and finally weave a small piece of cloth on a simple card loom from these hand spun threads. Learn how to color paper; use paper thread for uses such as book binding, knitting, and weaving.


Diane Tesler

Diane Tesler

Taking the Bull by the Horns: Creating a Body of Work – Diane Tesler

March 18-March 22

Participants plan and begin a series of three to four paintings based on their own photos and sketches. On the first evening, students meet with Diane to review ideas and plan subject matter for the week. Rolled canvas and stretching supplies are used to move beyond the boundaries of standard canvas sizes. This workshop offers a chance to explore an idea in depth and from different angles while initiating the practice of developing several paintings simultaneously. Following the workshop, participants are encouraged to keep in contact with Diane via email for feedback on the work in progress.  

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