Find your Next Thing at The Art League

The Art League boasts a bevy of beautiful classes and workshops to take this Spring. From textile work, to cherry blossom chasing, to capturing your favorite blooms in watercolor—The Art League has you covered. What’s your Spring “thing”?

Open Life Studio

Need some studio time this spring, but don’t want to take a class? Sign up for Open Life Studio times to fit your schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Painting at Wednesday’s open-life drawing session.

Gesture Drawing

Taken some basic drawing and need a new challenge? Try out Gesture Drawing with John Murray on Saturdays for that extra oomph you need on your figurative work.

Artwork by John Murray

Artwork by John Murray

Basic Drawing

New to the Art League and Art Classes? Basic Drawing is the perfect place to start! Dive in on Friday nights with Mark Thomas Anderson

Gestural Florals in Watercolor

Obsessed with cherry blossom chasing? Get your floral on with Gestural Florals  with Jackie Saunders on Sundays.

Painting by Jackie Saunders

Watercolor Painting by Jackie Saunders

Landscape Painting

Looking for a perfect class to get you started on landscapes BEFORE your summer vacation? Landscape Painting with Fred Markham on Saturdays (starting April 27) is the perfect launching off point to those summer painting days!

Partly Cloudy by Art League instructor Fred Markham.

Introduction to Photography

Introduction to Photography not only helps you learn your way around a camera, but also gives you a holistic view of photography composition and editing! Sign up now to ensure your cherry blossom pictures take bragging rights in your friend group! 

Photograph by Art League instructor Pete Duvall.

Taking a class this Spring? Tag @theartleague on Instagram stories for a chance to be featured! We’d love to see what you’re working on!

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