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Winter Art Classes For Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Travel more, try something new, learn a (visual) language! Read more →

A Fiber Arts Glossary

One way to keep cozy this winter is to visit our fiber arts studio, where you can weave, felt, knit, dye, and hook clothes, sculptures, wall hangings, and more! Read more →

Next Week at The Art League: Receiving & Gallery Painting

Here's what's up next week at The Art League! Read more →

Next Week at The Art League: Receptions! Ice Cream!

Next week at The Art League is packed! Here's what's in store. Read more →

Fall Photography Classes For All

Whether you're into film or digital, just starting out or looking for a fresh approach, there's a photography class for you this Fall. Read more →

Upcoming Workshop: Interactive Sculpture

What is a microcontroller? It's another tool in the artist's kit. A way to add lights, sound, and movement and make artwork interactive and dynamic. And it's the subject of an upcoming workshop at The Art League. Read more →