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Q&A with Fiber Artist Kevin McCarthy

“‘Purpose’ was made using a process that I developed to make fabric out of trash when I was living in Haiti.” Read more →

What is Surface Design? It’s All Around You

“You can find surface design everywhere you look. Someone had to design the pattern or create the color on everything you wear.” Read more →

New Book on Fabric Printing at Home by Julie Booth

Fiber instructor Julie Booth has a new book coming out, and it's all about experimenting with fabric printing at home. Read more →

A Fiber Arts Glossary

One way to keep cozy this winter is to visit our fiber arts studio, where you can weave, felt, knit, dye, and hook clothes, sculptures, wall hangings, and more! Read more →

Q&A with Artist Diane Blackwell

"I start with an assumption, an activity that’s been on auto-pilot, or current cultural events that need further review and question why they catch my attention." Read more →

The Felted Wardrobe

In addition to wet felting and nuno felting, these pieces incorporate techniques like hand-dyeing and millinery — see below for the key. Read more →