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Sharing the Infinite World of Yayoi Kusama

Everything points to "Infinity Mirrors" as an alternative way of experiencing an art exhibit, one where the experience must be shared, not solitary. Read more →

Highest Honor Revealed

There's a new installation in the Torpedo Factory, and it's pretty hard to miss, no matter which floor you're on. Read more →

Unbending Michael Price’s Single-Wire Sculptures

“After a while, all of the bends start to make sense as the final product grows nearer to being finished.” Read more →

What Do You Want to Know About ‘Tire Swing’?

“ My goal was to build a familiar object in an unfamiliar way, and see what came of it.” Read more →

Take A Juror’s Tour of the “Not A Box” Installations

For this installation exhibit, we asked the juror to take us on a tour. Read more →

Juror’s Tips for Entering “Not a Box”

Alex Paik is an artist using cut and folded paper to explore visual counterpoint and repetition as a tool for development. Read more →