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Sardar Aziz’s Cityscape in Flux

“I wanted to capture how we as humans build a city and then rebuild it, right from the ground up, again and again.” Read more →

Kathleen Best Gillmann’s Winter Landscapes

“My goal in painting March Thaw was to capture the briskness, barrenness, and beauty of this location.” Read more →

Taking a Second Look at Tess Olson’s Wild Landscapes

“It has to do with not knowing all the answers. I like not understanding a painting after one viewing.” Read more →

Sheila Harrington’s Celebratory Paintings

“Sometimes viewers have revealed to me what I hadn’t fully understood was there, or they have found something personal to themselves—that is very exciting.” Read more →

Karen Kozojet Ching on Pathway to Heiau

“I created a body of work as a tribute to my ‘ohana’s Hawaiian heritage. ‘Ohana means family.” Read more →

Painter Lisa Neher on Fair Valley

“All my best paintings are second, third, or even more images painted over an original that didn't quite make it.” Read more →