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What is IMPart?

IMPart stands for Injured Military Personnel + art. Read more →

Picturing the Future in Space of Her Own

When the girls of SOHO in Alexandria were given cameras to use for their photography project, it wasn't just about learning photography. Read more →

SOHO Graduation 2014

Congratulations to SOHO's class of 2014! Read more →

Opening Saturday: SOHO Photo Exhibit

Starting Saturday, you can see some of the art created in the Space of Her Own mentorship program. Read more →

SOHO Girls Reflect on the Darkroom Experience

After a lesson in film photography, the SOHO girls reflected on their first darkroom experience. Read more →

11 SOHO Girls + 11 Cameras = A New Exhibit of Photo Stories

This year, for the third year running, The Art League Gallery's solo room will host a special exhibit of photography by the SOHO girls. Read more →