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Two Trompe L’œil Demos with Patrick Kirwin

Patrick Kirwin, a trompe l’oeil master, shares his bag of tricks in his classes at The Art League. We recently visited the classroom to see how he paints picture-perfect marble. Read more →

This February: Escape the Winter & Paint the Bahamas!

Enjoy your surroundings — and capture them in the medium of your choice — on an island that's been a painter's paradise since the days of Winslow Homer. Read more →

Q&A with “Large Works” Winner Jordan Xu

Jordan Xu's figure painting was the best in show for “Large Works.” The artist talks about this piece and his painting career so far. Read more →

Sally Davies on British Museum

“I love long shadows in the morning and evening … and that warm glowing light that is so transient.” Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Linda Lowery

“I worked with lots of colors, but found something special in the contrast of pink and blue.” Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Constance Slack

"Adagios produce a different painting from Spanish Flamenco." Read more →