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Art League Sculptor Talks Public Art Project on WJLA

Charles Bergen is an Art League member whose found-object sculpture, Heron, is part of this month's "Structures" sculpture exhibit. He's also part of an exciting public art project happening downtown. Read more →

Remembering Chuck Johnson

We're sad to report the passing of Chuck Johnson, a longtime sculpture instructor at The Art League who retired in the Fall. Chuck was 90 when he passed away on July 3. Read more →

Upcoming Workshop: Interactive Sculpture

What is a microcontroller? It's another tool in the artist's kit. A way to add lights, sound, and movement and make artwork interactive and dynamic. And it's the subject of an upcoming workshop at The Art League. Read more →

Q&A with Award Winner Tatyana Schremko

If you’ve been to the Torpedo Factory, you probably remember seeing sculptures like the one above in the studio of sculptor Tatyana Schremko, towering over you at seven feet tall. Standing at a less formidable 14 inches and carved from maple, Schremko’s Sweet Vidalia won the Bertha G. Harrison Award for Figurative Sculpture in Read more →

Nelson Mandela Sculpture by League Artist Heads to Embassy

Art League member Paula Stern's bust of Nelson Mandela is now headed to the Embassy of South Africa in DC. Read more →

Sculpture Class Finale

Last week was the end of Fall classes here at The Art League School, which also meant it was time for my latest artistic venture to come to a close. Read more →