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Watch the Portrait & Figure Festival Keynote

We've just uploaded the video of Portrait & Figure Festival's opening keynote and panel discussion, featuring Ted Reed, Danni Dawson, Rob Liberace, and Dan Thompson. Read more →

Last Chance to See the Athenaeum Exhibit

If you haven't seen “Influence & Inspiration,” the 60th anniversary exhibit at the Athenaeum, this weekend is your last chance! Read more →

The 2014 Art Camp Photo/Video Scrapbook

Sharing everything that happened at Art Camp this year would take another summer. So instead, here's a short scrapbook with some photos and videos from the past few weeks. Read more →

Art on the Rocks: A Pop Art Preview

The Pop Art edition of Art on the Rocks is less than a week away, and our competing restaurants are beginning to reveal the cocktails they've created for the evening. Read more →

The Ikebana Show: Open Through Sunday Only!

It comes but once every two years, and in a few days it'll be gone again: the 15th Biennial Ikebana Exhibit is here! Read more →

Sculpture Class Finale

Last week was the end of Fall classes here at The Art League School, which also meant it was time for my latest artistic venture to come to a close. Read more →